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Welcome to our online store!

Empire Liquidators 1791 Fillmore ave buffalo NY 14214 716-852-3200
Tuesday-Saturday 7:00am to 3:30pm

Products seen here Ebay Here 

Frequently asked Questions:
Can I pickup there:  Yes
--How long do I have to pay for an auction:  8 days from auction end
--How long can I leave item there before picking up: 90 days
--Do you ever cancel listings and just sell outright over the phone:  Listings cannot be cancelled with 24 hours left (ebay rule) however if something is requested and the average price is agreeable we will accommodate most requests from buyers.
--What is a pickup fee: pickup fees are 5.00 for single items and 15.00 for pallets.  These fees are dropped in half for returning customers that like us.
--Why dont you sell things on this website:  TBH we have sold on Ebay for 26 years and the large customer base that we have over the decades simply just likes using Ebay so who are we to argue.

--Why are you using this frontpage to answer these questions: We get 100s of emails a day and this is just an easy way to simplify the basic inquiries that we have.